Zero Point Frontiers prints low-cost prosthetic hand

In 2013 Zero Point Frontiers built a simple prosthetic hand for a local two-year old using a Makerbot 3D printer.  These are some of the stories that resulted.


Oct 25 2013  – Fast Company

This 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hand Costs Just $5

Prosthetic limbs traditionally cost many thousands of dollars, doubling the pain of people who have already suffered enough. But several projects are showing how it’s possible to produce artificial arms and legs for less.  Read more…


Sept 20 2013  – WAFF News 48

3D printer provides hand for 2-year-old girl

As 2-year-old Kate Berkholtz reaches for a ball at the “Little Gym of Huntsville,” technology is reaching further into the future. Jason Hundley, President and CEO of Zero Point Frontiers in Huntsville believes Kate is “…the youngest person that anybody’s really made any type of additive manufacturing prosthetic for in the world.”  Read more…


Sept 12 2013 – WHNT News 19

3D Printing Technology Offers a ‘Hand Up’ for Huntsville Tot Kate Berkholtz

Two-year-old Huntsville toddler Kate Berkholtz was born missing four finger on her left hand. Watch the tot play on any given day and it’s clear the absent digits don’t faze her much. Read more…


Aug 19 2013 –

A new hand and a new world for Kate: Huntsville company 3D prints a hand for 2-year-old

Kate Berkholtz is about to get a new hand, but the beautiful, blond 2-year-old couldn’t care less.

It’s too much fun chasing her brother around The Little Gym in south Huntsville with a big foam noodle in her right hand. That’s the hand with fingers, the one that came whole when Kate was born. It’s not the one with just a thumb, the one left fingerless by some mystery in the womb. That hand has brought everyone here, where Kate is a student, and where The Little Gym’s owner, Angel Hundley, is married to a man with a high-tech company whose slogan is, “We’re helping to engineer the future.” Read more…