Zero Point Frontiers and Golden Spike


July 25 2013 – Parabolic Arc

Zero Point Frontiers Delivers Favorable Architecture Assessment to Golden Spike

This week Zero Point Frontiers Corp. delivered its report analyzing the different approaches that might be used to send people from nations around the world on commercial trips to the Moon. Working with the Golden Spike Company and its various aerospace partner companies, Zero Point Frontiers used the software it developed for NASA to help NASA Johnson Space Center design space missions. Read more…


Dec 6 2012 –

Fly you to the moon by the end of this decade? That’ll be $1.4 billion, please

A new company founded by a former Apollo flight director and a NASA chief scientist plans to offer moonwalks to anyone who wants one by the end of the decade, and a well-known Alabama author and Huntsville aerospace company are part of the plan. The moon trip company, called Golden Spike after the final link in America’s transcontinental railroad, was announced in Washington today. Its estimate of the starting cost for a two-person roundtrip: $1.4 billion. Read more…