We are working closely with the NASA’s Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Projects Office at Johnson Space Center to inspire the future with a lower-cost, lighter-weight, safer, and more compliant space suit design. Zero Point Frontiers is helping NASA identify key components of the legacy design that will be upgraded for exploration missions (e.g. Mars) and be backwards compatible for International Space Station support.

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Affordability Through Technology

We believe affordability is just as important a metric as performance.

Identifying and building a minimal viable product is essential to lowering costs and moving quickly to market. Our expert team creates value stream maps (VSM) for small and large companies, and can help transform and streamline your cross-functional activities. We focus on new technology infusions such as Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Manufacturing as well as state-of-the art interfaces to improve existing products and enhance new design efforts.


Systems Engineering Tools

Zero Point Frontiers is developing a range of tools for the systems engineer.

Our decision tool assists in making complex trade decisions through a three-gate process and pairwise comparison analysis allowing the user to score decision alternatives against each other based upon Figures of Merit derived from Technical Performance Measurements. This decision tool is a defensible and traceable down-selection of multiple decision alternatives.

Moon Base Alpha is a holistic life cycle cost analysis tool. Built around complex Cost Estimating Relationships and esoteric fudge factor algorithms, Moon Base Alpha delivers cradle to grave cost estimation for complex projects from the system level through subsystem, component, and subcomponent levels.



We have applied our philosophy to help many customers across a wide spectrum of applications. From components to systems, we have a proven track record of success. Here are a few of the applications have developed:

Instarocket is a public iPad app based on our launch vehicle sizing codes. It is intended to be a learning tool, as well as a good first-order estimator for sizing a launch vehicle in order to get a desired payload to orbit. The user can specify the fuel type, engine performance parameters, and key ratios to calculate the stage masses. Then the user can use interactive slider bars to adjust propellant loads in each stage. The app updates the drawing and performance estimates in real time while the user is adjusting the sizing.

The Engineering Launch Vehicle Initial Sizing tool (eLVis) is an internal tool for estimating launch vehicle for desired mission. It shares the performance prediction engine with Instarocket, and allows for large numbers of data value sweeps to find optimum propellant splits between the various stages of the vehicle. Users can quickly set up new concepts and compare them to multiple concepts and existing vehicles.